Content is fire, social media is the fuel - and we are the accelerant.  

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a subset of online marketing, using social media such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for marketing. It includes strategic and tactical measures for communicating company messages as well as generating website visitors and interacting with the users themselves.

Social media marketing helps you build a loyal community of prospects and customers in your business. Presenting your own brand, products or content (e.g. blog posts) on social media channels – this is an efficient form of brand building for your company and building loyalty among your customers and target groups.

Social media marketing thrives on the willingness of customers to continuously visit and use the various channels. Various studies show that the use of the various platforms has not only increased, but is spread across (almost) all age groups. Almost 50% of people in Germany regularly use social media – a gigantic figure that illustrates the potential of social media marketing at a glance.


How social media marketing works

Social media marketing works when you turn a reader into a fan or follower with your company’s presence on social networks based on good content and a clever strategy. In social media marketing, elements from PR, sales and marketing are mixed and combined to make potential customers aware of your brand or product.


These are the goals we pursue with social media marketing

In social media marketing, we pursue two main goals. First, your company can use social media marketing to spread information. In doing so, it is necessary to create information, videos or photos that are as viral as possible, so that they spread on their own and automatically increase their reach and thus your level of awareness. On the other hand, we pursue the goal of using social media marketing to create a social bond with the brand. Once you have established a loyal relationship with your followers, they usually remain loyal to the brand in the long term – and remain customers.


How we measure the success of social media marketing

To measure the activities on the various social media channels, we use various analytic software. With regular reports, we help you compare older data with new data, evaluate it and optimize it. Based on the reports, you can see what percentage of your followers have ordered something from your store, how many interactions your followers have with your posts and how high your reach is on the social web.


Is social media suitable for your business?

Basically, social media marketing is suitable for any size business. Whether you are a small, mid-sized business or a market leader in your industry, social media marketing is equally significant and equally important for all. Social media platforms provide a useful channel to market products and services on a large scale and with a huge reach. Implementing various activities is feasible even with smaller budgets.


Why you should put social media marketing in our hands

So that you can take care of your essential main tasks, we take care of social media marketing for you. Outsourcing social media activities is certainly always a question of budget. However, when making your decision, you should bear in mind that you will very quickly save what you provide to us as an agency. Because your employees can now focus on their core business again. In addition, you can be sure that your presence in the social networks will be built up strategically and sustainably by us. We have the necessary know-how and creative potential to build up target group-oriented communication with followers & fans.


We develop strategies with foresight

Aparted Communication develops strategies for successful communication with your customers and prospects. We skillfully stage your company in social networks and transform your brand or product into communication that moves your target group. Transport the right topics to relevant target groups and pick up your followers and future fans directly on the spot. Communicate with your target group at eye level, generate curiosity and emotions and use the potential of social media to turn customers into fans. We see it as our task to make you visible where people exchange ideas online.

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