Online marketing without data is like driving a car with your eyes closed. With the right mix of content & data, we put the horsepower on the road.  

Online Marketing

Online marketing describes the implementation of marketing measures in online media. In contrast to classic advertising, it is based solely on the medium of the Internet. In the various online marketing measures, we distinguish between search engine marketing, banner advertising and e-mail marketing.


The goals of online marketing

customer loyalty

Improvement of the image (branding)

Increasing product and brand awareness

Increasing the number of hits on the website

Acquisition of new customers

Better placement in search engines (e.g. Google)


Search engine marketing

In search engine marketing as a subarea of online marketing, a distinction is made between search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine advertising (SEA). Both measures aim at achieving a better visibility of your company in the search results of search engines such as Google. While SEO aims to achieve a better ranking in organic, i.e. non-paid search hits, SEA refers to paid advertisements in the search result lists.


SEO – search engine optimization

SEO or search engine optimization is one of, if not the most important discipline of online marketing. Search engine optimization describes strategies and techniques to increase the positioning of a website for certain keywords (search terms) in a search engine. The goal of SEO is to attract as many search engine users as possible to your website and, as a result of the search, to click on your company’s search result. In order not to be left behind by competitors in the course of ever increasing digitalization, there is no way around SEO for you, because search engines are among the most used applications on the Internet.

If you want to achieve the desired success with search engine optimization, you have to exercise patience, because it is a long-term matter and only shows its effects after a certain amount of time.

Planned and targeted search engine optimization with us as your partner Search engine optimization is a long-term and cost-effective way to generate more reach, more visibility and more sales. We start exactly with your needs.

The process of search engine optimization starts with your goals and ideas. What do you want to achieve? Together we develop an optimal SEO strategy for your company and ensure that relevant target groups become aware of your website. We make sure that visitors stay on your website, order and in the best case come back to your site again and again. In addition to the most relevant search engine Google, we also take into account other popular search engines in the design of our online marketing measures.


SEA – Search Engine Advertising

Search engine advertising or SEA refers to the placement of ads on the results pages of search engines. As a rule, these are advertisements in text form that promote offers that match the user’s search query. Google is by far the largest and most important search engine on the German market; therefore, Google Adwords is also the most important channel for search engine advertising. SEA works like an auction, where you as an advertiser bid on a keyword under which your ad should be placed. The biggest advantage of SEA compared to SEO is that you can rank in the top 3 search engine results without any effort and in a short time. SEA follows the CPC (cost per click) principle, which means that you only incur costs for your search engine advertising when users click on your ad.


Banner advertising

Banner advertising is also an important part of the online marketing mix and refers to online advertising with image or video ads. These usually link to your company’s website. One way to measure campaigns with banners is through the click through rate (CTR), which records how many users clicked on the banner. By redirecting them to your company website or a dedicated landing page, potential customers have the opportunity to directly place an order, register or similar. In order to draw attention to your ad in the jungle of the many banner ads, we place creative designs and eye-catching headlines that catch the eye in order to achieve the desired success. Through our target group-specific targeting of the banners, we prevent scattering losses in the desired target groups.


E-mail marketing/newsletter marketing

Email marketing, also called newsletter marketing, is a form of online marketing in which a desired target audience receives advertisements or notifications via email.  Newsletter marketing is an effective way to introduce new products or maintain the loyalty of the target audience. It is a form of direct marketing via email. Here, the target audience is addressed personally using personalized data and invited to respond, such as visiting the website, reading a blog article or to look at a specific product. Newsletter marketing is suitable for any company, no matter what industry it operates in or what strategy it pursues.

We design and conceptualize newsletters for you using the latest technology (HTML5), provide content, monitor delivery and update databases.


We develop your online marketing strategies

As experts in online marketing, we have extensive experience in developing successful online marketing strategies. We see it as our job to monitor websites, to research needs and to plan and develop content optimally. With us as a partner at your side, we ensure your successful online presence and help you achieve good visibility in search engines. A fair cost-benefit ratio is our top priority. We define customized online marketing measures that help you generate new customers and also analyze where these customers come from. Together, we pursue the goal of standing out from the crowd in order to draw the attention of potential customers to your company.

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