The best advertising doesn't feel like advertising. We do offline marketing that moves your customers.  

Offline Marketing  

Offline marketing measures, unlike online marketing measures, do not take place on the Internet. Offline marketing addresses your existing or potential customers who are not specifically looking for your or similar products on the web. Through your offline marketing measures, customers become aware of your company, brand or product for the first time.


Overview of our offline marketing services

Print advertising, newspaper ads, editorial articles

Direct marketing with print products

Flyers and business cards


Posters and banner advertising

Trade fair stands and exhibitions

Radio spots

TV spots

cinema advertising

vehicle wrapping

bonus cards

Sponsoring (e.g. events)


event marketing


Despite digitalization, Web 3.0 and co., print, trade fairs and similar formats have not lost their relevance as advertising and information tools. The positive impression that high-quality flyers, trade show booths or radio and TV spots leave on customers strengthens their trust in your company. Attractive and modern advertising materials also leave a lasting impression on the and can ultimately contribute to increasing your sales.


Positive effects of offline marketing for your company

Offline marketing is extremely versatile. But: Compared to many online marketing measures, offline marketing activities such as print ads, large-scale posters or radio and TV advertising are a significantly higher cost factor and you have to accept scattering losses.  Other offline marketing measures such as advertising brochures, trade fair presentations, giveaways or flyers, on the other hand, are less expensive and more effective strategies because they have a personal aspect. When making new contact, for example at trade fairs, events or exhibitions, you are directly facing your potential customer and can thus personally create a positive experience for them.

We will be happy to advise you on which offline marketing measures suit your company, your goals and your target groups. Put your trust in our years of expertise and our qualified team of text and video creators, designers and trade fair professionals.

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