Media buying, rollout and tracking are among the most important tools when it comes to optimally positioning your company in terms of media.

Media – Buying, Rollout, Tracking

Media buying refers to all forms of media purchasing – whether online, radio, TV or print. And it includes not only selecting the appropriate media, but also negotiating with the relevant contractual partners, purchasing the services, and implementing them competently and professionally.

This is followed by the rollout, which includes all activities related to the market launch of the supported products and brands. The success of your brand strategy can then be measured using a wide range of tracking activities for analyzing, optimizing and monitoring processes.


With our media expertise, we offer you

Campaign planning and budgeting

Buying of advertisements online and offline

Placement of advertisements

Creation and conception of advertisements

Conversion tracking, monitoring, budgeting

Consulting and negotiation of media buying

Placement of TV, cinema and radio spots


Media buying, rollout and tracking are among our core competencies. We ensure that our careful media selection precisely addresses your relevant target groups. We negotiate wisely with professional, competent providers, with your interests in mind. We reliably place your ads online and offline, thus contributing to a successful rollout of your new products and services. Afterwards, our close-meshed state-of-the-art tracking enables you to monitor success sustainably and at all times.