Talk moves the mouth, writing moves the market. We have the right communication ready for every target group.  

Internal/external communication strategy

The basis of successful corporate communications, both internally and externally, consists of strategic and conceptual considerations. The communication strategy therefore defines why your company maintains a dialog with whom and how. Truly successful communication or even marketing concepts can only bear fruit if they are based on a defined communication strategy.


The communication strategy defines

the positioning of your company/brand

Your communication goal(s)

Your target group(s) and message(s)

Your communication tools per target group

the allocation of your communication budget

Planning and implementation



The right strategy for success: the strategic communications concept

A communication concept strategically plans how corporate communication should be carried out in the future on all defined channels. The communication concept can be created across the board, for internal and external communication, or only for a specific subarea, such as your website. We develop the concept on the basis of a predefined strategy and map it out in a communication action plan. Such a concept follows a continuous thread and usually does not include tactical and operational details.

Together we lay the foundation for your communicative success. In the course of a comprehensive analysis of your strengths and weaknesses, we develop a harmonious and adequate communication concept, formulate concrete goals with you and create opportunities for your communication strategy to lead you to success.


This is how we define your communication strategy:

Who communicates?

What is being communicated?

Who do you want to reach?

What do you want to achieve?

On which channels do you want to communicate?

How can you measure your success?


External communication – marketing your image

With targeted PR and external communication, you control the reputation and perception of your company. Selected measures make your communication credible and also convince your target group of your services.


Our agency services in the area of external communication:

Editing high-quality journalistic articles for media and social media

Maintaining contacts with national and international journalists and building up a press distribution list for your sector

Writing and editing press releases and PR articles

Developing stories and messages

Organizing press conferences

Creation and maintenance of a corporate blog

Creation and content maintenance of your website content

Crisis communication


With appropriate communication tools, we generate attention for your company and create an emotional bond with your target groups. We are your strong partner who will support you in all communication challenges.


Internal communication

For years, internal communication was very neglected in many companies: A big mistake; because internal communication is an important building block of value-oriented and open corporate culture. At the same time, it is a major success factor in employee communication. In addition to the transfer of knowledge, targeted and transparent communication with your employees allows you to maintain a continuous, trusting dialog with and among each other.


Our agency services in the area of internal communication:

Consulting and support in all matters of internal communication

Concepts for change communication as part of change processes – Print and online media for employees

Content formats in photo and film for internal communication

Selection and programming of a (social) intranet

Introduction of an employee app

Creation of internal newsletters

Creation of a corporate wiki

Introduction and editorial support of an internal blog

Introduction of tools for employee feedback

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