Staying one step ahead of the competition in the "war for talents" - with employer branding as the key to success.  

Employer Branding

Employer branding has become increasingly important for many companies in recent years. It is the only way they can hold their own against competitors in the highly competitive labor market and successfully recruit employees. Employer branding is the answer to the question „What to do when job ads and co. no longer bring the desired success?“


Employer Branding Goals

The goal of employer branding is to develop a marketing strategy for the HR department and thus create an attractive employer brand. With the help of creative marketing concepts, you can stay ahead of the competition and attract and retain employees for your own company in the long term. With employer branding, you pursue your goals in two directions: externally and internally. Internally, the aim is to retain employees long-term loyalty of employees, and to constantly increase their satisfaction, productivity, and effectiveness. Externally, employer branding supports existing recruiting and all measures are designed for potential candidates as a target group.


Why is employer branding so important for recruiting?

The job market has changed dramatically in recent years. Whereas a few years ago the decision-making power lay with the companies, who could cherry-pick their employees from the masses, today the situation has changed in favor of the applicants. Today, they are in the driver’s seat and choose which company they want to make their expertise available to. This makes it all the more important for companies to present themselves attractively as part of their employer branding and to promote their own employer brand.


Employer branding – these are the benefits it brings to your company:

More applications received

Faster application processes

Precisely fitting applicants

Faster recruiting success

Strengthening the economy of your own company

Improved employee retention


What is the difference between personnel marketing and employer branding?

Employer branding and personnel marketing differ in their orientation. While personnel marketing is operationally oriented, employer branding is one of the strategic processes. With its help, a message is developed that convinces potential employees of your company. An important part of this process is target group analysis and definition of the employer value proposition (unique selling proposition as an employer, or EVP for short).  These two parts form the cornerstone for future HR marketing activities. Beforehand, it must be defined whom you want to reach, where, how and with which message. The implementation of these measures is ultimately the responsibility of HR marketing.


Employer Value Proposition

The term „employer value proposition“ initially refers to the collection of different opportunities that a company offers potential employees to get them interested in the company. The goal here is to credibly convey to the applicant that he or she has applied for a position in a particularly unique company and that a job with this company offers him or her many advantages. These include opportunities for advancement, compensation, corporate culture, perks such as job tickets, and many other benefits that make employment with the company seem attractive.  A contemporary presence on social networks such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and the like is also an important part of the overall corporate strategy.

EVP is also particularly important, however, because this „proposition“ can be easily compared with other companies. If one of your competitors finds it significantly easier to recruit qualified employees than you do, this is primarily due to their better EVP. In order to optimize your EVP, it is important to analyze the groups of employees you are looking for in detail so that you can incorporate the findings later in the recruiting process.

If, for example, the analysis shows that primarily Internet-savvy groups of people are interested in a job in your company, it makes much more sense in the recruiting process to advertise on online job boards than, for example, in the regional daily press.

Aparted Communication supports your company in building a strong employer brand.


We guide you in 5 steps to a successful employer branding strategy: Strategy – Analysis / Employer Value Proposition

Branding – Brand communication

Engagement – Create content strategy

Recruiting – find & attract employees

Retention – Retain employees


Satisfied employees are more effective employees. We help you identify the right measures to increase the value of your employer brand. As experts in employer communications, we support you in your search for qualified professionals.

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