Digital Branding: Brand building and brand management through digital communication - for long-term successful customer relationships.  

Digital Branding

Digital branding refers to the comprehensive management of brands in the digital environment. The declared aim is to ensure that companies and their offerings are perceived in line with the brand on digital channels. Those who give their brand or company visibility on the web with the help of an efficient digital strategy gain lasting appeal. This is because the success of digital marketing strategies can be measured. This makes it possible to address a wide variety of target groups in a targeted, tailored manner. The biggest challenge for your company when it comes to digital branding is the high speed at which brands today have to react to changes and innovations on the market. One thing is certain: a recognizable logo alone is not enough. Successful digital branding must ensure that your brand story and brand values are realized – at every available touchpoint.

We support you in the digital branding of your company and help you build long-term relationships with your customers.


Here’s how we measure digital branding success

These metrics of a digital brand can be measured:

Increased CTR (click through rate) in search engine rankings.

Higher resale rate with existing customers

More social media followers

Higher social media engagement

More traffic for brand keywords

More sales to customers who access the online offer via brand keywords – higher number of brand mentions in the media


We implement your digital branding with you – in 6 steps

  1. Analysis of the initial situation
    Together with you, we examine your current brand communication strategy, especially from a digital perspective. We analyze your previous brand building and brand management activities and evaluate them in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.
  2. Determining the framework conditions
    In consultation with you, we define your budget, timeframe and key performance indicators (KPIs) as a starting point.
  3. Goal setting
    Based on the previous considerations, we jointly determine the objective. For example, a digital branding objective for your company could be increased interaction on and with social networks.
  4. Determining the measures
    The next step is to execute the various measures to enforce the brand development strategy; these form the basis of the digital brand story.
  5. Execution of the individual branding measures and campaigns on the various channels.
    Together with you, we evaluate which channels can generate the greatest reach and the most interactions and, on this basis, create appropriate marketing measures and content for your digital branding.
  6. Evaluation, measurement and optimization of the strategy
    In the final step, when the content has already been placed on the various channels, we review the KPIs defined in step 2, thus measuring success based on data. It depends on these results whether individual measures or framework conditions are adjusted again, if necessary.
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