Content marketing is like a first date. If you only talk about yourself, there won't be a second date.  

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a marketing method that aims to address a target group with entertaining, informative or advisory content – and to convince them of your company or the services you offer and win or retain them as customers. Content marketing is part of corporate communications and pursues goals such as generating leads, reach, search engine optimization (SEO) or brand building and is used in PR, social media, content creation or even SEO and email marketing. Unlike advertising, content marketing does not use promotional information to increase awareness of your company or brand among your desired target audience. Rather, it’s about creating value with your customers through content.

Content for your business is created in close collaboration and coordination with our internal digital and brand strategists, as well as our media planners.


We guide you through the content marketing process:

  1. Analysis: target and target group definition.
  2. Content conception and planning: idea development, topic identification and editorial planning
  3. Content production: content creation
  4. Content distribution: content seeding including advertising and SEO
  5. Content evaluation: monitoring, controlling, optimization and lead management


The advantages of target group-oriented content marketing:

Content marketing can generate an enormous reach for your company through viral effects.

The synergy effects of SEO, social media and PR in content marketing are very high and put your company in the right light with your target group

Content marketing is versatile and works in all phases of the customer journey


As experts in content marketing, we position your brand, ensure customer and lead generation and bind your customers to you in the long term. We implement the goals together with you:

Building a brand

Creating trust in your company

Long-term and loyal customer relationships

Better findability in search engines

Significant improvement of closing rates or sales

Building a community

Regular visitors to your website or readers of your blog

Establishment of your own communication channels


Digital storytelling

Digital storytelling brings storytelling into the digital age. Storytelling combines facts with emotions and arouses curiosity. Stories, or narratives, link the listener to you as the storyteller even more strongly, so that your target audience identifies and engages with your company or brand. A collection of facts or blunt advertising messages will not anchor as strongly in the memory of your target group as messages that you convey through intelligent, digital storytelling. In order to be able to implement digital storytelling as part of content marketing for your brand, we work with you to develop your brand story, i.e. the general story that your brand tells.


We develop your brand story based on comprehensive questions:

What is the purpose of your brand/company?

What is the vision and mission of your brand/company?

What is the core message that the storyteller wants to convey?

What does your brand stand for? Is there a higher purpose?

What is the founding story?


Would you like to use digital storytelling for your business? Feel free to contact us and we will discuss different approaches with you.

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