We bring things to life with photorealistic 2D and 3D animation.  

2D & 3D Animation

With the help of animations, abstract and complex issues can be explained in a comprehensible way – thanks to unique angles and impressive perspectives. Knowledgeably staged architectural visualizations, for example, can provide impressive images of what the building will look like after completion even before construction begins – without a single stone being left unturned. Whether as a pure animated film (CGI = Computer Generated Imagery) or as a supplement to real footage: we at Aparted Communication create high-quality animations in the form of moving images for you. In close consultation with you and with tailor-made results.


Social Media Content Creation

Only those who think around the corner can communicate straight. We create 2D & 3D social media content that gets across.

Today, social media is the most used channel when it comes to marketing your own services or products. We make sure that their social media profile resonates with their customers. We carefully coordinate the graphic design with them – from „still images“ to video content. Professionally planned, of course, and precisely tailored to your target group from A to Z. How do we achieve this? With the conception of advertising campaigns geared entirely to you and your company, innovative tracking and monitoring, the testing of a wide variety of target groups, and through the customized, optimal design of advertisements. The „treasure chest“ of our tools also includes highlights such as the production of authentic content in portrait format. Contact us – and let us inspire you with the variety of tools we have in store for you.